Requirements to visit Boracay as a Tourist:


As of December 2020 Boracay Island stays Covid-19 free!!!



  • RT-PCR Test. (within 72 hours before departure)


            Here is the List of licensed Laboratories in the Philippines. 



  • Health Declaration Card.


            Fill up and submit the Form. Within 12 hours they will send you a link with your personal QR code



  • Hotel Room Booking Voucher.


            We will provide upon booking with us!!!


  • Passport / ID.



  • Face Mask / Face Shield


            Please keep this requirements always on you during your travel since you will be asked for it several times along the way!




At "Aquarius Terraces Boutique Hotel" we are doing our best to keep our Guests and Staff Covid-19 free.


For your own safety you can help us  in this endeavor by observing social distancing between you, our staff and other Hotel Guests!


We provide:


  • Hand sanitizers and trash cans for used PPE's in every room and public areas.

  • Shoe / Feet sanitizers at all entrances.

  • PPE's for each Guest. (includes Tissue, Hand sanitizer, Gloves and Mask)